Showmax Poland

Direct communication for video streaming service


Showmax Poland


newsletters, mailings, push notifications, text messages, mms, inapp-messages, A/B testing, analytics and optimization



Since launching of Showmax platform in Poland until the last day of its presence on the market, we had been responsible for the creation and execution of the communication between the brand and the client. We had developed workflows and key performance indicators for multichannel notifications using various touchpoints.

Mobile-focused multichannel communications

We had been creating and sending multichannel activating notifications based and targeted upon user’s activities.

Personalized workflows were based upon synchronization of notifications sent via:
– e-mail,
– in-app,
– push.

Educating the users on using the platform's features

The project scope for direct communications

We accompanied the platform’s users journey on every stage, implemented workflows for onboarding, activation, winback and anti-churn…

We have been recommending the best strategies for using direct tools for specific purposes (i.e. increasing numbers of downloads of mobile app).

We had prepared and targeted the promotional content keeping the user up to date with the premiere movies from their favourite genres.

We had been creating system e-mails instructing Showmax users how to use the platform and its functions.

We had created automated, triggered notifications as well as real-time-marketing content sent in just a few hours after coming up with the idea spawning it.

Building users' activity and engagement