Traficar, the carsharing service

Social media support and more




social media, car branding, banner campaigns, KV


2020 - ongoing

About the project

Traficar, the carsharing service. Our task was to support social media in the context of building a community around the brand and strengthening the position of the carsharing leader in Poland. The project was also an effect of close cooperation with Traficar’s marketing department. Thanks to very good communication between the client and the agency and joint work, we managed to develop content that is extremely popular among the brand’s fans.

As an agency, we also supported the brand in other digital marketing activities, e.g. by designing selected e-mail and banner creations within the application and on partners’ and advertisers’ websites. We also took care of branding the new cars and delivery vans.


The challenge

Managing Traficar requires creating communication that will be attractive for a diverse and demanding audience, the brand’s users. Carsharing is still quite a new trend and service that has not existed before, that is why we first focused on activities aimed at raising awareness of the need to use such service. We then focused on the stage of considering using the service to seamlessly transition to signing up and using Traficar on an ongoing basis and sustaining users’ consistent relationship with the brand.


The process

In order to convince the brand’s audience, we started speaking to them in their language – memes. The reception of social media communication was not only viral, but above all it conveyed at least one value of the brand’s offer. At the same time we focused on an aspirational tone of message, promoting the sharing economy and identifying not having one’s own car with a modern, metropolitan lifestyle. We also aimed to constantly nurture the community forum that has grown up around the brand.



The research on consumer behavior of carsharing users in Poland as well as the results of our campaigns show that the brand communication is not only positively perceived by the recipients, but also effective. Examples of effectiveness include increased brand awareness, evaluation of the service against competing brands, or the ever-growing popularity of the service.