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Powerful Martech Platforms Tools for B2B Revenue Teams – And How AI Is Boosting Them

How to use AI martech tools for B2B growth? What ROI can you expect? Let’s dive in!

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Revenue Marketing: How to Build Team Alignment Around Generating Income in B2B?

What is revenue marketing? And how this new approach can integrate marketing and sales teams in their work on wise acquisition of revenue growth? Let’s find the answers. 

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Beyond AI: The Unmatched Power of Human Touch in Thought Leadership

Is it worth using AI capabilities to create thought leadership content? Find out our point of view!

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Thought Leadership In B2B In 2023 – How To Do It Right?

What do you think about thought leadership? Let’s check who benefits from thought leadership, how to approach its planning, and how to measure its results.

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The New Meaning of Marketing Debt in B2B – And How to Deal With It

Find out what marketing debt is, and explore practical tips and insights to regain stability and optimize your marketing efforts.

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B2B marketing based on campaigns is set to fail

In B2B the buyer’s journey is non-linear, long, and requires multiple stakeholders to participate, so relying solely on campaign-based marketing without constant activities in the background is set to fail.

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AI Usage in B2B Marketing in Times of Crisis: Make It Your Robin, Not Batman

Is it worth using AI in B2B marketing, especially in times of crisis? Find out the opinion of Joanna, our Head of Strategy!

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Marketing Strategy: What Are You Really Paying For? Your Worst Marketing Strategy Nightmare

In this article, I want to show you the ins and outs of what you are really paying for when hiring the marketing strategy team. 

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There Are No Boring Industries. You Just Don’t Know How to Create Content For Them

How to create engaging and effective content in industries that are typically considered boring? Learn with our helpful tips and strategies.

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How to Boost Organic Traffic on Your Website with Content Clusters? Q&A with an SEO Expert

Meet Marek, our SEO specialist at Human. He will answer our questions on how to take your SEO game to the next level!

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Marketing Budget Cuts: The Short-Term Gain That Leads to Long-Term Pain

Find out, why cutting marketing budget during economic crisis or recession might not be the best business decision.

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