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Based on a holistic understanding of the decision journey, we help brands that are enhancing their business and their audiences’ experience with technology to gain trust and build engagement using dedicated marketing solutions that precisely address their audiences’ challenges.

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is about people on both sides - in all their complexity

That’s why we say “no” to the fragmented view of marketing activities solely through the lens of numbers and tools.

we say "yes”

to openness and understanding business as an ecosystem of intertwining channels, messages and responses.

we say "yes”

to human2human communication based on authentic insights and sincerity.

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why can you trust us

  1. Synergy of experience

    We are the synergy of two teams, experienced in working for b2b and b2c customers in a variety of industries: IT, medical, labtech, proptech, worktech as well as in services, media/entertainment and for mobile apps.

  2. Corporate backup

    We are a part of TenderHut group. That gives us stability and technological, legal and financial support.

  3. Tech background

    With extensive experience in working in the IT industry, we understand the challenges of digital products, transformation, and the startup landscape.

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