This App Saves Lives – branding of application supporting safe driving




branding, UX/UI, mobile app (iOS) development, web development


August 2019 - ongoing

Using a mobile phone while driving is a common problem, resulting in 1.5 million collisions in the United States. The problem is particularly relevant for young, new drivers. With This App Saves Lives (TASL) app, they are motivated to put their mobile device away and focus on the road, improving driving safety. For driving time spent “behind the wheel without distraction” with the screen turned off or the TASL application running “on top”, the user receives points that can be exchanged for prizes at program partners (online or at stationary shops) – discounts or free products.


The target group of the application are mainly young people, that’s why we wanted to prepare an attractive branding for them. We opted for a limited range of colors, so that the application itself would not be distracting, with clarity and memorability at the same time, thanks to appropriately selected fonts, icon designs, and contrasts in graphic elements. Branding was also intended to be a good background for the presentation of a wide variety of photos of offers from the program’s partners.

The project is of interest both to young users and people who care about their safety – parents, teachers and employers.