Bezpieczny Kraków

Animated promotional and informational video


Miasto Kraków


scenario, storyboard, 2D animation



The Cracow City Hall asked us to prepare a several-minute promotional film about the Safe Cracow program. The challenge was to combine several seemingly distant topics, such as: safe Cracow, safe space, safe school, traffic and medical rescue, in one animation, while maintaining a logical flow of information. The client also expected an innovative approach to the topic and a quick completion of the task.


Due to the short deadline for the animation, it was necessary to prepare well for the production. We started by working on the script. We decided to tell the story with the help of one main character – Andrzej, a Cracovian who used the knowledge on safety, gained during training and workshops, in his everyday life. He helped people during emergencies, calmed down his neighbors and friends, set an example and educated others. His story was intended for adults, but it was also supposed to contain elements of humor. This is what we focused on while preparing the storyboards – play with words, interesting associations and mental shortcuts. The material was used on the program’s website and in the client’s social media.