E-mails in the transaction service


NN Investment Partners TFI


UX/UI & Graphic design



Our client NN Investment Partners TFI gave us the task to prepare the direct communication with new financial clients who open an account at the nntfi24.pl transaction service. Thanks to the service they can purchase shares in investment funds. The registration process itself is stretched in time, so we decided to create communication that would keep them in touch with the brand (nurturing) during the several-day verification process. We planned to keep them informed about the status of the process and at the same time provide them with educational materials about the features of the service and investing itself.


After a workshop with the client, we developed a communication model. We started with the preparation of flowcharts and preliminary mockups, and then moved on to the graphic and text design of individual e-mails with UX in mind. We created e-mails dedicated to the positive, negative and regular communication path – a total of 12 personalized templates. We focused on visual attractiveness, clear content gradation and refined brand language.


We changed the previously technical information into clear brand communication. The whole process of creating an account was divided into 4 stages – each e-mail informed which stage the participant was at. We enriched the mailings with educational materials tailored to the stage of communication. Then each template was coded and handed over to the client for implementation.