digital is our specialty

We know how to plan media, create engaging content and make eye-catching ads that get clicks and drive conversions. It must be beautiful and creative, but business is business, we understand that.

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what are we good at?

  • We carry out a thorough online presence analysis. We interpret market research results and analytical customer data, and we base our recommendations on them.

  • We develop creations that can survive in a competitive environment. We know what generates clicks, and sometimes we know why.

  • We efficiently translate our key visuals into various media – from landing pages to displays in advertising networks and social media.

  • We prepare texts for the Internet in such a way that words are valuable to the reader and algorithms boost the content in search results. We also speak many languages, with different tonality and style. We know how to fit in.

  • We rock at direct marketing, seriously. We plan communication rules, segment databases and create attractive messages based on various models. Thanks to this, the performance indicators for e-mail and SMS communication in the Customer Life Cycle model are two or even three times better compared to traditional push communication.

  • We automate marketing activities – we believe that scale matters in every business. We use marketing automation tools, integrate them with CRM and analyze data efficiently. It gives our clients such knowledge and possibilities that their actions are limited only by their imagination (and probably their budge

  • We engage and activate. We think and act outside of the box as we like to surprise. We create engaging actions for consumers. From concepts for large campaigns to smaller contests and special events.